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What Educators Are Saying About The ART of Infertility

"The ART of infertility made an enormous impact on me as someone who has struggled with infertility and suddenly felt seen. It has both incredible reach and extraordinary potential for a variety of educational projects. From learning about artistic expression to the effects of medical jargon and its rhetorical velocity, this project asks viewers to engage both sympathetically and empathetically, emphasizes listening and witnessing, and makes in-roads into new avenues for patients' self-advocacy." 


Erin A. Frost, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of English, East Carolina University

"I'm so impressed with the way this show demonstrates the emotional experience of infertility and thereby offers an embodied sense of individuals' stories and the ways in which those around them can show support and love. The art, in every single case, offers a vivid lens into the sense of loss, plain, and hope that overlays such hardships and disappointments. I would encourage everyone to see the show -- it is powerful in so many ways and demonstrates that the diagnosis of infertility is one thing and the experience of infertility can be quite another."


Robin Jensen, PhD

Professor of Communication, University of Utah, and author of Infertility: Tracing the History of a Transformative Term

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