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How Creativity Can Help an Infertility Diagnosis

As past infertility patients, we know first-hand how life-altering an infertility diagnosis can be. While technology today has opened up new hope for infertility patients to have a family, there is still much mourning and grieving that happens as a result of this diagnosis. Patients may mourn their inability to “naturally” become pregnant. Patients may encounter grief surrounding their gender and identity. Patients may also mourn unsuccessful treatments or failed adoptions. All of these experiences underscore the psychological impact of an infertility diagnosis.


Research by Alice Domar, Ph.D., director of the Mind/Body Medical Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, has found the psychological stress from infertility to be equal of that for patients with cancer and HIV. Art and creative writing have been found to help reduce the psychological impact of infertility. It helps represent new identities, new beliefs, and identify new paths forward. A 2018 research study reports that art can be “effective in reducing depression systems in women diagnosed with infertility” as it acts to address the “current gap between medical treatment and mental health needs” (Streeter & Deaver). 

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