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Host a Reproductive Writes Workshop

We often think of reproductive rights as having access to contraceptives and abortion. While this is true, this workshop seeks to expand the definitional boundaries between reproductive rights, reproductive justice, and reproductive health. Questions that students will explore: what do reproductive rights mean to you? What personal stories have influenced your concept of reproductive health? How can we work towards and be allies of reproductive justice? We propose art and narrative as one method to enact reproductive action. 

The 90-minute workshop, geared towards students, will draw on the art displayed in the month-long exhibit. The workshop will begin by providing a brief overview and handout distinguishing the terms: reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice. Participants will then spend time viewing the exhibit trying to connect pieces that reflect reproductive health, rights, and/or justice. After viewing the art, participants will take time to reflect on what reproductive justice means to them. Connecting creativity to these reflections, participants will create pieces of blackout poetry by repurposing medical consent forms, political articles, and popular magazines. When finished with their piece of blackout poetry, participants will share their pieces and reflections (as they feel comfortable) with others. Those who are willing will be invited to display their piece as part of an interactive component of this exhibit.

To learn about students' experiences in this workshop, please see this article. Contact us at for more information. 

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