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Have Your Art & Stories Included in Exhibits & Programming


We are always accepting artwork and collecting pieces for special exhibits and the permanent collection.

The exhibit shares ways that those with Infertility have used to express themselves creatively throughout their journeys. You don’t have to be a professional artist to participate. In fact, our own Maria Novotny doesn't necessarily identify as an artist and shares her thoughts on creating art about her experience with infertility in this post on our blog.

Whether it’s a sculpture or painting, a scarf you knitted to pass the time while waiting at the Reproductive Endocrinologists’ office, a necklace you made to remember a baby lost or a poem or prayer you jotted down in your journal, we’d love to include it in the exhibit. Artwork very powerfully expresses the emotions of Infertility to those outside of the infertility community and is an amazing tool for healing and raising awareness.

We accept original artwork created during the artist’s experience with infertility and works that explore themes and emotions surrounding Infertility. Works may be executed in any medium, and in a two- or three-dimensional format. We also welcome high-resolution digital files, high quality reproductions of original works, pieces of writing, music, choreography and more. If you have any questions about eligibility, please do not hesitate to ask. You can learn more by emailing, or calling Elizabeth at (517) 262-3662.

Submit your art by using this Google Form.


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