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What Fertility Professionals Are Saying About The ART of Infertility

“I was deeply moved by the emotional rawness and creative expression in art made by those affected by the scourge of infertility… If you don’t believe that the epidemic of infertility affects lives like cancer or the plague, you need to hear these stories, told through art.”


Paul Turek, MD, The Turek Clinics, Los Angeles and San Francisco


“Everyone I have spoken to mentioned the Fertility session as a whole as the most insightful and appreciated part of the “As one for…” event and all talked about how moved they were by the ART of Infertility pieces … It was an eye-opening experience that helped us to get a glimpse of the complex emotional journey that the individuals & couples go through when dealing with infertility.”


Cristina Nakano, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (Known as EMD Serono in the U.S.)


“RESOLVE hosts an annual federal Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.  In 2019, we hosted 234 people from 30 states who met with their Members of Congress to advocate for issues important to our community.  In 2019, we added a new dimension to our Congressional meetings.  We partnered with the ART of IF, Elizabeth Horn and Maria Novotny, to bring to life the stories of people struggling to build their family.  ART of IF created an online platform, designed the campaign, and then curated the submissions from our advocates around the country.  ART of IF chose one photo submission from each state that was used in our Congressional meetings and given to the staffer and/or Member of Congress.  The photos were very personal depictions of the struggles of our community.  The photos had an impact as they took an abstract thing like a bill and made it come to life and demonstrate that real people will be impacted by positive legislation.  The photos were beautifully displayed, had information about the person submitting the photo, and how to get more information about our legislation.  The project was executed flawlessly by ART of IF and made our community stand out on Capitol Hill.” 

Barbara Collura, President/CEO, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

“The moment I saw the show and met Elizabeth and Maria, I knew this was something the Philly infertility community deserved to experience; to have a chance to come out into the light to share their stories and be moved by others who’ve gone through the same. Art not only heals, but it allows for understanding in a way that words alone don’t always convey.”


Steven Mavros, LOM, Acupuncturist and Co-Founder, Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia.

"I first met Elizabeth Horn and Maria Novotny during the planning of the 2018 ART of Infertility exhibit, Challenging Conception at the Open Studio Project in Evanston, IL. As an infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss survivor and professional, I can attest to the powerful solidarity I experienced as both a participant and workshop provider. Infertility and reproductive loss cause disenfranchised grief that goes unseen and unheard. The ART of Infertility provides a much-needed view inside this experience so family, friends, and medical professionals can increase understanding and compassion."


Raina Cowan, LCPC, ATR

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