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What Patients Are Saying About The ART of Infertility

"The idea of not having my own biological children is beyond what words can describe. Knowing my name and posterity stop with me is unfathomable but working on this project has given me the strength to lift my chin up and move forward in life because I know I am meant to do more and be more. This opportunity to express ourselves through the creativity of art has been an amazing experience. It has not only given us the courage to face our fears, but it has enriched our close family and friends with the understanding of our fight with infertility."


David K. 

"My husband, Paul, really appreciated that he had the opportunity to talk about his feelings, which is something that he feels doesn't often happen for men.  So, thank you!"

Cindy Flynn



"Everyone there was so inspiring, their stories and artwork. I felt like I was able to heal some of my wounds from the past when I couldn't conceive and had lost my babies."

Parisa Gomez


"As a creative person, I absolutely loved the opportunity to create something and be constructive around this experience that has been full of hope, full of pain, full of loss, and full of just a whole multitude of up and down feelings (mostly down to be honest)." 

Jennifer D.

“Talking to Elizabeth about our journey and about how we processed much of our experiences through our creative project (our documentary, One More Shot) made me realize how important it is to be able to creatively express some of the harrowing experiences and losses that happen on IF Island.”  

Maya Grobel


“Infertility has given me immense sadness but during this journey, I have found depth and strength I never knew I possessed. I was lucky enough to take part in this project and have found it to be one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences during my struggles. Elizabeth Horn has created something amazing.” 


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