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The official blog of the traveling art exhibit and oral history project, ART of Infertility.


A Fresh Canvas

I've kept a journal since I was 9. When I was in college, I'd fill a book in a matter of weeks. As an adult, I've sometimes gone years without writing. It's always hard to know what to do in that situation. Should I recap the past year? Or, dive right into what has brought me back to writing in the first place?

Maria and I have always asked others to share their stories through art and writing. There was a time we were good about sharing our own. Our blog was a big part of that. So, we've decided to begin again. We've experienced huge transitions at home and at work over the past two years. We'll be sharing some of them in the coming weeks and months, reflecting on what life with infertility is like for us now, and, taking a deep dive into how art continues to be a source of healing.

Years ago, when my sister in law died and I was at a loss as to where and how to start navigating a new life without her, my therapist recommended I buy a new journal. A fresh canvas for a new phase in my life. Like infertility, it was a phase I didn't want to be in but would have to find a way through. So, much like that small black book with an embossed foil peacock, this new blog is a fresh canvas for Maria and me. A new place for us to sort out our thoughts and feelings because infertility doesn't ever go away, our relationship with it just changes over time. We hope you'll join us. - Elizabeth



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