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Oral History


Sharing the story of your (in)fertility can be very healing and empowering. It also enlightens others about the experiences of living with the disease. We are collecting and sharing blog posts, journal entries, short stories, poetry and quotes as well as conducting interviews and doing portraits of those in all stages of their journeys and are interested in hearing from as many people as possible.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, long resolved, in treatment, in the process of adopting, are parenting after infertility, are living childfree after infertility or are trying to decide what to make of all of this, we want to hear your story. We display the stories and photographs of individuals and families of two or more, in various stages of the journey throughout the exhibit, as well as share them through our blog and website. We understand if you’d prefer to remain anonymous and you are welcome to do so!

Project portraits don't have to show your face if you'd like to remain anonymous. In fact, it's an important piece of the exhibit to explain why some people choose to remain private. The goal is for the portraits to represent the subjects in some way, whether dealing with Infertility or something that defines them outside of their diagnosis. Individuals and couples have been photographed at work, doing volunteer activities, participating in hobbies, just hanging out at home, having tests and treatments done, with mementos from babies lost and more.

We are especially interested in adding to our collection of stories of those who are not traditionally thought of as dealing with (in)fertility. Those who are single mothers or fathers by choice or circumstance, as well as those in the LGBTQ community who need to use assisted reproductive technology to add to their families.

If you'd like to share your story, please fill out this brief form or email or call ART of IF Curator, Elizabeth Walker at (517) 262-3662.

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