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"I had her at 39. Now I’m 43. I took up running two years ago. I’ve always been a person who works out and tries to be healthy but I always wanted to be a runner and just couldn’t stand it. I thought, ugh, this is horrible, why do people do this, there are cars for this."

"My work offered to pay for joining the local Fleet Feet. I figured if it’s free, why not? I’ll go for it. I started going last year in January and I haven’t stopped. Whenever I run, I always think when I get tired, and I don’t want to go anymore, when I’m sweaty, or whatever it is and I want to stop, I think, don’t stop, because I want Joey to see me running. I want her to know to be healthy and to do the right thing, meaning to take care of your body and what an amazing body you have. Whether it’s getting to have a baby whether or not it’s just look at what your feet can do! You’re using all your muscles."

"I think RUN because if this makes you live longer, then the longer you get to be with her. Because what happens in my head, whether it’s good or bad, every time everyone dies now, I do the math in my head. I think what age will Joey be if I die when I’m not old and I think, oh gosh, she’ll only be 16, or she’ll only be 20. She needs me past that. I just want to be here. I want to be here as long as possible. I always curse infertility because I think I should have had her sooner and I would have been younger but then I think, 'Then she wouldn't be Joey, she would be someone else.'"


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