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Alicia and David


"David and I have struggled with infertility for over 3 years. During that time we were stunned to learn that David didn’t have any sperm and I was reaching menopause earlier than normal, which meant I didn’t have many viable eggs left. We went on to try two IVF procedures, but both cycles failed."

"After taking time to grieve for the future we always envisioned, we were excited to build our family through the wonderful gift of embryo adoption. However, just as we were ready to embark on this journey, we got the shock of our lives when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemotherapy, surgery, and a lot of support from my husband and loved ones, I am grateful to be cancer free and have an excellent prognosis! Unfortunately, part of my treatment consisted of a complete hysterectomy, which means I can no longer carry a child."

"Despite these hurdles, we are in no way giving up on our dream of parenthood. Our experiences have only reinforced and reminded us of what’s really important in life, and that’s love and family. We have a lifetime of love to give and want nothing more than to have a family of our own."

"We’re still excited about and plan to move forward with embryo adoption, but we now also hope and pray to find a gestational surrogate to carry our baby for us. We feel it could be a beautiful experience for both us and our surrogate, and would love to find someone just as excited about the adventure as we are."

"So the search is on and our journey continues. It’s been quite a story so far, but we’re ready for the next chapter and have faith that it will be the best one yet. We believe with all of our hearts that there is someone out there willing to share this gift with us…we just have to find them!"
- Alicia

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